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Having had plenty of good sex session in the bathroom of the train, more than they know very hot today, I was on a train to London from Newcastle in the coming days, I've always wondered and decided transvestism hd go to a store and some underwear allegedly by wives birthday when I was looking for a shop girl came and helped me choose my suspenders black stockings and panties, she was very nice and told me when I was 20 years young, I'd be grabbed and taken to the cabin, it turned and entered the cabin and waved at me at the door behind me, knees, unzipped me and gave me a good blowjob, then her lips were finished and left, still a little surprised redid what happens on my computer and left the store. the day of departure arrived, there is a conference for 3 days ghettotube and 2 nights was what gave me a goodbye kiss from the woman as she walked to work, I waited 30 minutes and decided to go and try one of my new lingeseries, I undressed and put on everything, looked in the mirror, wow it looks fantastic, I was in the large mirror with black ghettotube suspenders stockings and panties, along with my strength my dick erection underwear, I had to lie down and pick ghettotube one, and the guy who has a lot of sperm. cleaned and left the underwear under my so demand, and I went to the station, boarded the train and sat down, bought Id read a newspaper, ghettotube sat a young couple in front of me and were kissing and hugging each other when I refer to that paper to come to Doncaster with a ' Hello Again' is my job to blow young girls was out of the store, I waved back and went to the bathroom, I pee neededa, but we have seen, you are welcome girl was hot again and began to masturbate to, after a few minutes the door was forgotten until it clicks ID, and the girl, shut the door and said, 'I knew not his wife 'immediately replaced my hand with his straw slowly my cock, I told himwas about to cum, she stood up and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to show a nice shaved pussy, then straddle and sat on my penis and made ​​me walk faster and I finally felt like if you were running, I toldher I was and never use a condom, she told me she was taking the pill, and to fill her pussy, so a few minutes later, exploded inside her, a second later to cum and both stood there breathless. A about 5 minutes later someone knocked at the door, ' Hey Jenny you are right,' was the friend got up and left it, was always a little in the bath filled, but we managed ghettotube to order, Billy friend noticed ghettotube the current state of our movement out, ' it's my turn, Jenny ' and dropped his jeans and pants and rammed his cock in her pussy, do not have to go slowly, and only crashed into his next as fast as he could, within 5 minutes he was shooting his cum inside. We were in theToilet only in chat, Billy again to start hard, stepped Jenny, but was too tired and sore, 'but I'm warm again,' he replied, 'Well, do not think your going to fuck me again for a while ' was the reply, Jenny said,' Why are you in the ass fuck, 'I looked and I looked and gave her a tube of KY jelly out of my pocket and turned in front of him with her ass I felt the cold KY on my hole and then slid a finger inside me, and then another, until my hole was ready to open his tail to open it, his fingers were soon replaced by the tail, and unlike when girlfriend took me shit and slowly picked up, it was not long, as it was the first man ghettotube who fucked up, but the sperm was very well received, since the loads shot deep into me. After a few minutes, we returned to our seats and we talked all the way to London, where he exchanged numbers, ghettotube ready for use at home, in Newcastle, and parted our ways. went to my hotel, had a s. Hower and masturbate in the shower and got dressed mmeal ready for one, was at the heart of London, to land on the restriction of a modest coffee / making known in a fast-food restaurants (BK ) are macs do, and ate while I knocked on the window, which was Billy and Jenny, so I called, they saw me eating, so I told you what you want to pay, who had come ghettotube for one night, the hotel was full of marriage, and the rule on a stay in the feared sstreet night, called the motel and aske if they had a family room, they did so I told them to move things in it, as my children were just surprised me, ate and then returned to the hotel, we ghettotube were given room keys and pay the difference to the room Jenny went to the shower, Billy and I talked and thanked us for food and the room, he said it was a thanks for the adventure of the train told me that people would be more people today and returned at Newcastle, ghettotube whichI said I was married, ' I have my own place, so you can come to me,' was his reply, Jenny came out of the shower and dried her bare ghettotube feet ghettotube in the main hall, which was really a beautiful woman or a girl when she was only 18 years, and only Billy Billy undressed and went to the shower, Jenny was sitting next to me and started playing with it, of course, I 'm hard and naked from the bed and we offered the love each other softly and slowly, when Billy came out of the shower, sat in a chair beside the bed and took some photos on his cell phone from my cock went into Jenny 's pussy, I screamed as soon as Jenny ended cum loads during orgasm. We lay down and Billy for us and we all slept a few hours later I woke up a pair of lips on my cock, I looked down and it was Billy, I've never ' done this before and thought Id try to sleep ' and I smiled up, as soon felt the familiar feeling of cumming too soon, he said that hand he went on, finally swallows everything, which could produce. We therefore decided to take Jenny said Billy lay on his back and stood before him and then leaned forward and her pussy was the worls I slid my cock in it, joining Billy 's tail points deep in the pussy Jenny, that some do, but we managed to get a Rthyme and began to fuck, that was really in it for England and cum over and over again until Billy was quickly followed by me, I think it was Billy cum, which made me once again that all showered together and fondle for more, we all went to shit the bed. A The next morning there was a quick fuck, me and Jenny, Jenny, and Billy, then Billy Jenny shit while I sucked, we showered and cleaned, dressed, we had breakfast and is ready to train at the station before which one of my many meetings, we keep in touch, what would you say, but now there are four of us found out about my wife, but for us, and now is a regularar case at least twice a month with us, Billy and Jenny married and have two kids or my Billy -who knows, does not cause any animosity between us.
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